Friday, June 18, 2010

News! and What?

It's been ages!

I hope you have left your houses in the mean time, I know how it can be - sitting around in the dark waiting for the next blog post, neglecting your friends and family, refusing to eat.

Well make yourself a sandwich, because here goes -

Newt Jersey:

Newt Jersey has gone on indefinate hiatus - as you can see, the last comic was delivered on April 21st. Every week, for the better part of a year, I was able to connect through googlie eyed things with a scattershot of the most amazing individuals that any writer/crappy artist could ask for. The response was overwhelming - to everybody who commented in person, or on the interweb, I want to extend a big thanks much.

Hopefully I will be able to draw Newt Jersey again, in whatever form it takes.

As mentioned, a book is in secret development. Shhhhh. That’s all you get to hear.

Radio Theater:

Next week, I will release the first installment of Books in Transit. On a weekly basis, I will host an mp3 of an adaptation of a novel from any number of popular book genres, in the form of a carfully directed and slickly produced radio play or audio book. We will explore your favorite genres - Sci-fi, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Fantasy. Newt Jersey productions is currently in talks with Mike Hart (from Dragon House, among other projects,) to do all composing. Stay tooned.

Also, Octopus On, my free collection of short stories has been downloaded 27 times! That means that as many as four people have possibly read it! Thanks to all who have showered me with praise and candies. I' m sorry my stories have changed your life. No, it will never be the same.

If you still want to read the thing, it's festering here.

Last week I started interning at the NYC offices of Chorion, a UK based company that owns some amazing childrens literature properties. I'm working in the TV department, which produces and develops crazy popular shows here and in Europe. Among my favorite - Octonauts, an upcoming series based on the oh so cute and aquatic books by Meomi.

This means I will be in the city Monday through Thursday, in case you need somebody with skinny arms to reach into your garbage disposal. I trust you.

My new quest is to make these posts more frequent and digestable, along with my meals.

So for now, thanks for slogging through this one. You get a treat - a secret prize.

See that switch? Flip it. No, it's fine. Yes, that's my hand in the sink. Just flip it.


Thanks for being a friend.


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